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You must register in-person to enroll in several of the online courses; students must also possess a Library Card. 





DVDs & CDs




GED Contemporary  
Covers pre-GED or GED levels; course content is updated for the new common core standards and online exam. 

Lexia Reading Strategies 
A Reading skills/phonics program designed for learners with no literacy although all levels can benefit.  To access Lexia from home, download Lexia reading student software here; for instructions click here

News for You Online
Offers easy-to-read current news and videos with accompanying comprehension exercises. Enter password: 853dbf

Transparent Language 
Offers lessons and activities for both beginner and advanced learners. Instructions are also provided in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Mandarin (Simplified), Czech, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish Latin American, Swahili, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu, and Vietnamese. Users must create a username and password.  Also accessible from your iPad, iPhone, or Android powered device.

Universal Class
Previous experience with online learning is helpful. Self-paced courses (academic level) available in ESL grammar and writing mechanics. Students who successfully complete courses may receive CEUs (Continuing Education Units). Most courses take 10-20 hours to complete; courses must be completed within 6 months.


USA Learns
Practice listening, reading, spelling, speaking, writing and grammar. For beginners and intermediate level learners. Also available with instruction in Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese. 

We Are New York
Learn English phrases and words for use in realistic situations, like going to the doctor or talking with your child's teacher. Video scripts downloadable in English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

The Study Zone  
Grammar lessons and practice exercises for English learners of all levels.

Grammar, listening, and vocabulary lessons and exercises for English learners of all levels.


Prounciation and Conversation

users tap different sounds to hear them as well as examples in a common vocabulary word.  


Introduction to the English alphabet, structure and pronunciation through tracing, audio, digital flashcards, and phonogram puzzles.

20 dialogue-based English lessons offers a wide range of activities. An idiom dictionary with audio pronunciation also included. Costs $2.99. 

PHONETICS FOCUS This app offers a phonetic typewriter, games, flash cards, audio recording and playback, and other necessities for mastering the language.


Practice conversational English with lessons from real-life scenarios, flash cards, note-taking exercises, and more. The app itself is free, but they charge $1.99 per course, or $14.99 for all 30.
Interact with a virtual video tutor in short fun dialogs and get instant pronunciation feedback. 

Intermediate Level

Learn English through vocabulary, sentence structure, phrases and idioms, questions and answers, practice conversations, history and geography lessons.

Learning English to improve reading and listening skills, and learn new vocabulary. Includes 12 lesson plans based on famous or historical articles from The New York Times.

Learn the meaning behind more than 160 English idioms from “Achilles’ heel” to “Wrong side of bed” through illustrations.  


Low Beginner Level

ELT Podcasts 
Theme-based conversations and language practice. Transcripts available.


Podcasts in English    
Improve listening and speaking skills. Includes business and travel English. For all levels.


Voice of America     
Listen and view news stories; includes accompanying lessons and grammar exercises. 


Intermediate Level

American English Pronunciation
Covers common and difficult English pronunciation. Learn the general American accent English speaking techniques and become better understood. Intermediate to advanced learners.


Culip’s ESL Podcast  
Natural English expressions, everyday vocabulary, with element of cultures. Intended for the advanced learner.


ESL Aloud
Guided practice with a focus on grammar and vocabulary building. Intended for intermediate to advanced learner.


ESL-Library Podcasts   
Short podcasts on a wide variety of topics from U.S. historical events and issues to customs and holidays.  Accompanying lessons available. For intermediate to advanced level students.

ESL Podcast  
Covers a variety of subjects to strengthen listening comprehension; fee membership with accompanying blog.


Learn English Funcast  
Improve your English listening and speaking skills through humor. Learn how to understand and tell jokes. For advanced learners.


Story Corps  
The largest oral history collection with more than 50,000 interviews from more than 80,000 participants. Intended for advanced learners.



Students registered in the Library’s ESL and/or Citizenship Guided Self-Study program may borrow peripheral devices, such as DVD/CD/CD-ROM players and typing keyboards to use these materials.

Headsets may be borrowed for on-site use only. For hygiene purposes, we recommend that you purchase your own. Headsets are available for sale at the circulation desk for $1.00.

Low Beginner Level

ESL Easy English Levels by Video Tutor
Learn basic common English phrases and expressions.
Intended for Basic English learners.

Learning English Steps 1-2-3 by Video Aided Instruction
Practice the basics of listening, reading, and writing. For beginning ESL students.


Intermediate Level

Connect with English
Learn English through the story of an aspiring singer on a journey across America.
Each episode features a slowed down dialogue.

Crossroads Cafe
Learn English through 30 minute comedic/dramatic episodes that explore a social or cultural issue.  

Inglés Sin Barreras
For Spanish speaker. Spelling and pronunciation are in American English.
Lessons have real-life situations and practical words and phrases.

Learning English as a Second Language by Standard Deviants  
For advanced ESL students; this program focuses on English grammar, punctuation, and the fundamentals of basic writing composition.



The library subscribes to two online e-book resources:

Epointbooks: Access a collection of e-books on U.S. history, American civics and culture. 

To login, click here.
Login: hartfordpl
Password: hartfordpl

Grassroots Press Books: A collection of low-beginner reading books.
Download the accompanying audio and activities. Each book is also available at the library. 

How to Build Community
Read how to foster a sense of community in one's neighborhood.
Download Audio      Download Activities

How to Live Green
Read how to incorporate environment-friendly activities into your everyday life.
Download Audio      Download Activities

How to Find a Used Car
A must for students who want to purchase a used vehicle. The narrator demonstrates the steps one should follow in order to find a used car.
Download Audio      Download Activities

How to Stop Hiccups
This story gives advice on how to stop the hiccups.
Download Audio      Download Activities

How to Clean Green
See a demonstration on how to use environmentally friendly and affordable household products for daily cleaning.
Download Audio      Download Activities

How to Check an Apartment
This story shows how to do an inspection of an apartment before moving in.
Download Audio      Download Activities

How to Save Time
Read a story about how to make changes in your daily life to save time.
Download Audio      Download Activities

How to Be Good to Yourself
Read a story about how to make changes in your daily life to feel beter about yourself.
Download Audio      Download Activities

The Test
Read about what to do when your mind goes blank when you are taking a test.
Download Audio      Download Activities

Read a story about what happens after a friend's potluck.
Download Audio      Download Activities

The Change
Read a story about what happens when someone receives some extra change.
Download Audio      Download Activities

The E-Mail
Can Pat trust Len? She has a way to find out. But is reading his email the right thing to do?
Download Audio      Download Activities