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Christine Dalenta and Benjamin Parker

January 13-February 26, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, Jan. 13, 6 to 8 pm
Artists' Talk:  Wednesday, Feb. 15, 5 pm 

Photographer Christine Dalenta and paper sculptor Benjamin Parker collaborate and practice an innovative combination of paper folding and photographic techniques, creating cameraless images through the action of light on folded light-sensitive paper.

Since the very beginning of photography, artists have placed three-dimensional objects onto light-sensitive paper to form a representation in two dimensions. This technique and its resulting images, known as photograms, are currently enjoying a resurgence in contemporary photography. Dalenta and Parker’s images are similar to photograms, but employ an original method where not only is there no camera, there is no object. The paper itself both modulates and records the light simultaneously. 





Rafael Oses and Michael Sweeney

March 17-April 30, 2017

Rafael Oses makes small word paintings — everyday or esoteric words and phrases, utilizing geometric shapes and simply color symbolism, encouraging viewers to consider both the meaning and visually of language. Their minute size and concentrated color will bring an interesting play in scale and intimacy when exhibited in the vast whiteness of the Artwalk gallery.

Woodworker Michael Sweeney’s carved wooden books, the books of things we do not know, connect thematically to Oses’s poker-faced paintings. These richly finished wooden sculptures, ranging in scale from palm-sized to massive, will be stacked and shelved enticingly, appropriating the sense of tactility of the well-loved books in the Library’s collection.

Sweeney’s carved books cannot be opened and perused, and Oses’ punchy little paintings make their statements blankly. Books and the language they contain are picked apart, examined, and reformatted; the exhibition will present paintings to be pored over and books that cannot be read.


Pablo Delano

May 19-July 1, 2017

Pablo Delano, a painter-turned-photographer, documents the city of Hartford in flux. His exhibition Hartford Views consists of 120 large format photographs that focus on the built environment of this small metropolis. The photographs, spanning eight years, highlight the nuances and contradictions inherent in a city with a layered history, and record what has been lost over time. They are not sociological statements, despite their subject matter; Delano’s love of visual form, design, composition, and color elevate the images to works of art. The 120 photographs will find a fitting home at the Library, which has come to represent an accessible intellectual and education crossroads for Hartford’s diverse population.  

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