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UPCOMING EXHIBITIONS - 2019-2020 season

Quilts in a New Light
Alexandra Wahl

Exhibit runs January 10 - February 23, 2020
Opening Reception: Friday, January 10, 5:30 pm

ArtWalk Artist Talk: Saturday, February 8, 11 am
ArtWalk Gallery, 3rd Floor, Downtown Library

Artist Statement: 
As an artist, I think it is easy to feel unmoored. There are not only no rules to follow, but the very notions of rules and following are eschewed. As a student, I considered being a math major but instead transferred to an art school, where I periodically longed for the clarity of math. For me, quiltmaking is the happy conjunction of math and art, of rules and creativity. It is also a means by which I
feel that I can do much with little. Without having to bind it up in a maze of complicated rationale, I can put forth, in the form of a quilt, a compelling object created simply with the tools of color and pattern.

One of the challenges that quilts face as art objects is their history as practical objects. While
I do not think that art and practicality should have to stand in opposition, I know that many people have a hard time seeing quilts on a wall because they cannot divorce them from the idea of bed-covering. It was while I was working on a small wall-hanging, the pieces stuck to a piece of flannel and sunlight illuminating them from behind, that the idea struck me that the pieced top of a quilt, stretched over a light box would read rather like a stained glass window. It is thus that I have come to incorporate light as a third tool in my quiltmaking, and to utilize it as a means by which to present quilts in a new and exciting way.


Lost in Color
Erik Williams

Exhibit runs March 13 - April 26, 2020
Opening Reception: Friday, March 13, 5:30 pm

ArtWalk Gallery, 3rd Floor, Downtown Library

Erik Williams is a Street Photographer and also the owner of Black Frame Vision a street photography brand based in Connecticut. He fell in love with this style of photography because of its rawness and the opportunity it creates to capture honest moments. It allows him to connect with people from all walks and to share their stories candidly through the lens of his camera.

"I use my photography to catch a glimpse of what I see, in order to share it with others. I look for the beauty in any and everything that most overlook."

My choice of subject is anything organically appealing to my eye, whether it's a kid sleeping on the city bus or a reflection of a building from a puddle. I enjoy using natural light, shadows, contrast and clarity as a way to communicate the essence of what I see. I'm drawn to people that radiate energy and great character, because that's all that truly matters. I am inspired by their stories.


Gateway to Places We're Told We Cannot Go
Christa Whitten

Exhibit runs May 15 - June 28, 2020
Opening Reception: Friday, May 15, 5:30 pm

ArtWalk Gallery, 3rd Floor, Downtown Library

Artist Statement: 
This series focuses on the partial or completely restricted access to
powerful, spiritually-charged locations around the globe. Although denial of access can be based on a variety of factors, this show addresses restrictions which involve gender. Some sites ban women (or, less frequently, men) outright, while others institute conditional limitations, such as non-access during menstruation.

‘Gateways’ is a response to the tension that arises while attempting
to reconcile respect for differing cultural beliefs with the inequity of hindering access to a sacred space. This show allows an opportunity to engage with these locations. My hope is that viewers will seek out conversations surrounding this topic, approached
through a lens of thoughtful respect and a desire for understanding