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RFP For New HPL Logo

Hartford Public Library is seeking qualified professionals to establish a new logo that can be used throughout its 250th anniversary celebration in 2024 and beyond to build an enhanced brand awareness within the community it serves. 

RFP Document: Logo redesign pdf

We welcome any questions prior to the RFP submittal. Any questions regarding this proposal or project may be emailed to Brenda Miller at until February 21, 2023. All questions will be answered by email within 24 hours and are also listed below for the benefit of all vendors interested in applying.


Questions & Answers


1. Your current logo includes the slogan “A Place Like No Other”. Do you require that slogan to be in the new logo?

The design may include current tagline, new tagline, or no tagline. This should be reflected in the pricing.              

a. If no, do you intend to change that slogan as well? Or is there any other messaging required as part of this redesign?

See response above.

2. Do you have a set of brand standards that you would like us to feature when designing your logo?

You are not required to use the current brand standards; we are open to a new look.

a. Are there any prominent colors, fonts, or styles you’d like to feature in the logo?


3. Do you have a budget in mind for your project?

The vendor is expected to review the scope of work and based on their previous experience determine what tasks are needed for the project and the cost of the all the work required to undertake and complete the project.

4. Is this open to vendors located outside of Connecticut? If so, is there a preference given to local agencies?

All proposals will be considered regardless of designer/firm location. 

5. There is no budget stated, can you at least provide some guidelines to determine if we're a good fit?

The best way to determine if we are a good fit is to go to website to familiarize yourself with who we are and what we do.

6.  Do you plan to distribute all questions to all vendors?

All questions and responses will be posted to Hartford Public Library’s “Request for Proposal” webpage. Vendors should periodically check this webpage for updates.

7. In regards to the project review as detailed within the Scope of Work:

  • Do you expect or have preference if we be meet with the stakeholder groups separately or together?  We will be meeting with the stakeholder groups together with the Library’s Communications Team.
  • Who do you define as community members? Will feedback and reviews be done by the public or do you have selected individuals who represent the local community? Community members are Hartford residents and members of the Greater Hartford community who are very familiar with the programs and services of Hartford Public Library. During the presentation of new concepts stage, we will ask for the public’s feedback and take their comments into consideration during our internal review process.
  • Roughly how many people would be included in the various stakeholder groups?  It is difficult to say, we would like to keep this process as open as possible.
  • In regards to the presentations as detailed within the Scope of Work:
    • Is the “public” as stakeholders the same as “community members” noted during the project review scope or a different group? The project review team will serve as a subset of the public during the presentation of new concepts stage.
  • Is it expected that presentation of concepts be shared with the public? If so, what forum or platform? Yes, as indicated in the RFP. Concept review may necessitate 2 to 3 presentations either in person or on the Zoom platform.
  • Of the stakeholder groups (Library Committee, Board, and Public/Community), should equal weight be given to feedback from all? Or will there be a primary group/contact whose direction and feedback holds more weight with the other stakeholders providing final revisions or feedback? For example, would we be working primarily with your Library Staff, where that group would distinguish valuable feedback from the other stakeholders and pass to our team.

The chosen vendor will work directly with the Library’s Communications Team. All feedback will be thoughtfully considered.

  • Is there an planned budget for the project?

The vendor is expected to review the scope of work and based on their previous experience determine what tasks are needed for the project and the cost of the all the work required to undertake and complete the project.