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744 Park Street
Hartford, CT 06106

Building CLOSED to the public due to the pandemic


Park Library Construction Update 2020


The Park Branch was established in May 1928 in a small rented store at 876 Park Street. 

In September 1939,  it was moved to 815 Broad Street. In August 1975, it was moved again to its present location at 744 Park Street, which is a rented facility.

Community Relationships/Services

Park Branch has increased its visibility in the neighborhood as a resource through outreach and networking with community organizations. The Park Street enhancement project conducted by SAMA (Spanish American Merchants Association) was completed in 2008.  The Frog Hollow NRZ has identified a total of 54 projects in its Strategic Plan, which focuses on rehabilitating blighted properties and multi family buildings, developing homeowner associations, enhancing streetscapes, expanding employment opportunities, developing a technology corridor on Broad Street and improving traffic circulation.  Relocation of the Park Branch is also on the list of projects. Park Branch provides service and collaborates with a variety of community agencies, including North and South Frog Hollow Neighborhood Revitalization Zones, The Hispanic Senior Center,  Mi Casa Family Services, Sanchez and Burns Schools, day care programs, and a family resource center that focuses on service to Hispanics.

Noted Trends

The branch’s Spanish language collection is widely used by many patrons in the neighborhood, as well as out-of-town customers who are particularly interested in newspapers, videos, music, magazines, and books.  Mobility continues to be a significant trend in the area. As families grow more affluent and mature, they tend to move to more residential areas, while those with fewer resources remain. Younger families move in and out of the area in search of a better life.

Branch Initiatives

The Park Branch is open 33 hours a week. Park Branch staff members are  working with neighborhood and community organizations to promote library services to the Spanish speaking population. The branch serves as a meeting place, provides story hours to daycare groups, and has a rich collection of resources, including advanced technology, for the community. Since library materials are an important resource to our customers, staff is working to increase the number of book and non-items in Spanish as well as electronic resources. Services for youth include after school tutoring and homework help, and the Summer Reading and Lunch Programs.  Adults take advantage of computer classes, GED and ESL self -study services and voter registration. An increased effort has been made to improve the outside appearance of the Branch, which includes regular sweeping, mulching around the hedges and working with Hartford Public Library facilities staff and the landlord to find alternative ways to combat trash.