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Hartford Public Library offers unique resources and engaging learning opportunities for nonprofits aimed at capacity building and fundraising.

The Library maintains a core collection of continuously updated materials in multiple formats that address the specific needs of local nonprofit, grassroots and faith-based organizations.

Our nonprofit workshops are conducted by expert consultants in their fields, local leaders, and attorneys and many are tailored to the specific needs of nonprofit managers, staff, board members and other key stakeholders.

We provide tools, resources and information that will help nonprofit organizations fulfill the missions of their organizations.




Join us for a two-part program addressing the transition from an all-volunteer organization to one that has staff.

Part 1: How do we know we are ready to hire staff? 
Presenters:  Roosevelt Smith, Roosevelt Smith Consulting and Sara Taylor, Staff Attorney, Pro Bono Partnership
Tuesday, February 27: 12-1:30pm

Register in advance for this meeting:

Moving from a volunteer-only to staffed organization is a huge milestone in the lifecycle of a nonprofit.  How do you know when you are ready?  How do you know what the organization needs?  Part 1 of our series will look at these questions, among others:

  • Why do we believe that we need to hire staff at this time?
  • What positions (functions) do we need to fill?  Administrative, executive, or other?
  • What can we pay/what can we afford?
  • Are there power dynamics involving a founder (or other) that we need to address?
  • How do we fully embrace the transition from one organizational structure (all-volunteer) to the other (one with staff)? 
  • Are there obvious candidates internally or will we be starting/searching from scratch?
  • How do we handle potential conflicts of interest if we are considering a candidate from the Board?
  • Is the Board operating at a level that would support staff (e.g., high-functioning); are its expectations for an initial hire realistic?  Roles of oversight and continuing obligation for development

Part 2: We’ve decided to hire our first staff person!  What are the initial legal and compliance issue we need to know? 
Presenter: David R. Jimenez, Principal (Hartford), Jackson Lewis P.C.
Thursday, March 7: 12-1:30pm

Register in advance for this meeting:

Once the organization’s board has decided to proceed with an initial hire, a number of legal issues are presented.  Part 2 of our series will look at some of these issues, including:

  • The search and interview process – do’s and don’t’s; non-discrimination
  • The offer letter
  • Wage and hour basics: will the employee be exempt or non-exempt?
  • Registering as an employer
  • Other regulatory/compliance requirements: posters, training, payment into paid leave fund, etc.
  • Employee handbook?
  • Employee versus independent contractor


Presenter: Cathy J. Cohen, C.J. Cohen Associates
Wednesday, April 3: 12-1:30pm

Register in advance for this meeting:

Most nonprofit organizations have two key criteria for success: fulfilling their mission and having long-term impact. We’ll explore how succession planning can help your organization thrive, ensure your organization’s sustainability, and identify key areas of vulnerability.  Both succession planning and executive transitions include many core activities that support an organization over time. We’ll discuss some of these, such as adopting a strategic perspective, developing a sustainable business model, and continually building board and staff leadership.


Previous Hartford Public Library and Hartford Foundation Nonprofit Support Program workshop recordings may be accessed HERE.


All workshops are offered at no cost to participants through a partnership between the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and Hartford Public Library.

If you have any questions, please email

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