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Register for a free Hartford Public Library card and borrow DVDs, CDs, text books, dictionaries, and more for learning at home or the Library. NOTE: We encourage you to bring your own listening device. Bacteria could spread to another's ear if you share headphones, and could lead to ear infections. (Listening devices are available for sale at the circulation desk: Earbuds $1.00, Headphone $5:00, Headsets $7:00.)



English Discoveries Features include over 1000 hours of engaging multimedia & content; 10 differentiated course levels with topic-based learning units; Full range of skills – Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary and Web Literacy; Scalability and adaptability to existing curricula; Continuously updated content. 

Pronunciator a free way to learn any of 80 languages with self-directed lessons, live teachers, movies, music, and more. Learn online, and get the app for your mobile device!

Pronunciator es una manera divertida y fácil de aprender cualquiera de los 80 idiomas disponibles. ¡Aprende en tu navegador y obtén nuestra app para tu dispositivo móvil! 

Transparent Language (Level: All) Lessons and activities with instructions provided in many native languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu, and Vietnamese.
Users must create a username and password. Accessible from your iPad, iPhone, or Android powered device.

Universal Class (Level: Advanced) Previous experience with online learning is helpful. Self-paced courses (academic level) available in ESL grammar and writing mechanics. Students who successfully complete courses may receive CEUs (Continuing Education Units). Most courses take 10-20 hours to complete; courses must be completed within 6 months.


Grammar, listening, and vocabulary lessons and exercises for English learners of all levels.

The Study Zone
Grammar lessons and practice exercises for English learners of all levels.

USA Learns
Practice listening, reading, spelling, speaking, writing and grammar. For beginners and intermediate level learners. Also available with instruction in Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese.

Learners Dictionary
Features the Merriam-Webster's advanced learner's English dictionary

We Are New York
Learn English phrases and words for use in realistic situations, like going to the doctor or talking with your child's teacher. Video scripts downloadable in English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.


The Change Agent serves as a tool for adult educators and learners to make civic participation and social justice part of their teaching and learning. Login: hartford  
Password: changeagent

News for You Online Offers easy-to-read current news and videos with accompanying comprehension exercises.  
Password: E0860E

Grassroots Books

A collection of low-beginner reading books. Each title has downloadable audio; the accompanying text book is available for borrowing at the Adult Learning Sevice Desk.

The Change
Read a story about what happens when someone receives some extra change.
Audio Download | Download Activities

The E-Mail
Can Pat trust Len? She has a way to find out. But is reading his email the right thing to do?
Audio Download

How to Be Good to Yourself
Read a story about how to make changes in your daily life to feel beter about yourself.
Audio Download | Teacher Activities

How to Build Community
Read how to foster a sense of community in one's neighborhood.
Audio Download | Teacher Activities

How to Check an Apartment
This story shows how to do an inspection of an apartment before moving in.
Audio Download | Teacher Activities

How to Clean Green
Learn how to use environmentally friendly and affordable household products for daily cleaning.
Audio Download | Teacher Activities

How to Find a Used Car
Learn the steps to follow on what to do when purchasing a used car.
Audio Download | Teacher Activities

How to Live Green
Read how to incorporate environment-friendly activities into your everyday life.
Audio Download | Teacher Activities

How to Save Time
Read a story about how to make changes in your daily life to save time.
Audio Download | Teacher Activities

How to Stop Hiccups
This story gives advice on how to stop the hiccups.
Audio Download | Teacher Activities

Read a story about what happens after a friend's potluck dinner.
Audio Download | Teacher Activities

The Test
Read about what to do when your mind goes blank when taking a test.
Audio Download | Teacher Activities




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