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Linking Learning and Belonging

Learning, Opportunities, and Resources
for Immigrant and Newcomer Youth





Funded by a 3-year Institute of Museum and Libary Services National Leadership Grant (2016 - 2018), this project - linking Learning, Belonging, and Community (LBC) - is designed to increase access to learning opportunities for late arrival high school ELLs with fewer than 3 years in the U.S. so they may become better equipped to fully participate in their local communities and our global society.  

To achieve this goal, Hartford Public Library has partnered with Hartford Public Schools to develop and implement a replicable afterschool public library-based pedagogical framework and curriculum model to:

  • Accelerate acquisition of academic English language skills,
  • Deepen social integration,
  • Engage in a range of learner-centered experiences in libraries.

The program's blended learning curriculum is both project-/place-based and learner-directed and best suited to serve this population’s needs through the public libraries' unique offerings of a safe-space environment, access to technology, and community connectedness. By placing the students at the center of their own learning, the project will generate innovative learning practices based on the strengths and assets each learner brings.


Unit One: Navigating My Neighborhood and School Community

Create a multimedia poster to present important and useful information for newcomers about your neighborhood's school system in comparison with other school systems from your and your peers' geographical and cultural regions

Unit One Tasks

Getting Started

Unit 1 Timeline
Personal Glossary
25 Reading Strategies

Application Links



What Do I Know & What Should I Know About My School? (Padlet)


Organizing Information

What Do We Know & What Should We Know? (Padlet)
Planning to Collect Information (Padlet)

Searching Resources for Information

Boolean Searching | What Does Boolean Research Really Mean?
Keyword Searching: Finding Articles on Your Topic
Online Resource List


Asking Questions (Padlet)
How to Ask Information by Phone | How to Ask Information By Email
Asking Information by Phone (Padlet) | Asking Information by Email (Padlet)

Analyzing and Organizing Collected information

Concept Map Example (Popplet)


Preparing the Presentatation

Presenting Information


Evaluating the Presentation

Feedback Matters (Padlet)
Assessing the Visual | Analyzing Visuals for Effectiveness | Visuals Checklist
Constructive Feedback